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Kevin Hauff and Orlanda Hauff

Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog. My name is Kevin Hauff

I am 49 years old, born and raised in Fort Wayne Indiana. In 1985 after graduating High School my offline career began in the Retail Electronics Industry. The remainder of my career (25+ years) was spent in that field, most recently working in management for a large, successful and fast growing corporate driven company. I was never really much of a suit and tie kind of guy but that’s where my career took me. Managing and coaching my staff to sell merchandise and services while driving them to better themselves and their abilities to satisfy the needs of customers. It was my job to achieve and overcome daily company goals and expectations.

Ridiculous hours, no time off, pretty much zero time with my family and extremely demanding corporate expectations lead to an overwhelming stress and pressure that began to effect and impact me as person. All the money in the world couldn’t keep me in this type of environment for much longer. In the little bit of spare time I had, I was continually pursuing ways to make money on the internet. I had always wanted to work from home and Internet Marketing was something I felt I could succeed at and would love to do. So after a lot of soul searching I took a huge leap of faith, (I hadn’t made a dime online yet) in November 2011 I quit my corporate America J.O.B. and never looked back. I am happy to say I am still working from home and finding great success.

Kevin Hauff will show you how to avoid the same mistakes every new Marketer makes

I am a full-time Video Marketing Expert & Online Authority for Small Business Owners intensely focused on the development of other Marketers in this profession.

Kevin Hauff